Congratulations to Joan Cullen!

The 2023 St. Joseph the Worker Award recipient. 

Thank you for you tireless service to St. Mary's

and the Cattaraugus community


The Diocese of Buffalo World Youth Day 2023 Committee was formed to help unite pilgrims across the Diocese going to Lisbon, Portugal. We are also planning events to bring awareness to the event including Vicariate movie nights and a send off Mass for pilgrims.  Information on official diocesan events leading up to, during,  and following the Lisbon gathering can be found on our website World Youth Day | Diocese of Buffalo (buffalodiocese.org) Please pray for the success of World Youth Day both here and internationally. World Youth Day held on August 1-6, 2023.






Visit our specially-created webpage on the diocesan website where you may access all of our communications and other resources related to the "Road to Renewal" initiative. 

Click on this address to view, https://roadtorenewal.org/



Catholic Charities of Buffalo 

announced that Appeal 2022 in support of Catholic Charities and the Fund for the Faith achieved its $9.5 million goal with a total of $9,562,329.69 in cash and pledges.

We are proud to announce that St. Mary's raised $2,945 towards this goal!  

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Journeys and Insights with Bishop Mike -   We hope you’ll follow this new weekly update that Bishop Mike wishes to share with the      Faithful of the Diocese, priests, lay leaders, educators and all, reflecting his insights and activities related to the shared work of creating a new, more promising era for Catholic faith and ministry across Western New York.



https://www.uponthisrockwny.org/content/images/Campaign_Prayer001.pngWe recently received a disbursement payment of $ 836.00 from the Upon This Rock campaign. This has allowed us to continue to enjoy our  beautiful new organ. This makes your total disbursements to date  $ 30,416.00! It is through your generous support and your fulfillment of your pledge that our  parish receives timely disbursements. Thank you! 

COVID-19 Update:

  • February 10, 2022 Diocesan Mask Mandate for Worship Lifted On February 9, 2022
  • New York State announced its mask mandate would be eliminated February 10, 2022 for many indoor settings.
  • Masks Optional for Worship At this time, masks are now optional for all participants in liturgies held in Catholic churches and worship spaces located in the Diocese of Buffalo based on prevailing guidance from health officials and/or an individual’s doctor or other medical professional.
  • Masks may continue to be worn at the discretion of the individual.
  • Out of pastoral concern, the safety of others should always be considered when making this choice. Ministers of the Eucharist should continue to wear masks when distributing Communion for the protection of the vulnerable and those who may not be able to be vaccinated.
  • Holy Water Fonts/Stoups Holy Water may be reintroduced in fonts and stoups at the discretion of the parish. The water in the fonts should be changed regularly.
  • Visits to the Sick in Hospitals/Medical Facilities If you are going to visit a parishioner or loved one in a hospital, nursing home, or other similar setting, be sure to first check the policies of an individual location, as mask mandates may still be in place.
  • Faith Formation Programs Faith Formation programs and other parish gatherings can follow their own local guidelines for masks.



St Mary's welcomes all to our humble country church with open arms and strong faith. Whether you are camping , hunting or out for a Sunday drive please stop by for Sunday Mass.

Winter Escape/Snowbird Parishioners

Beloved Parishioners:  For those who go on vacation; could you please use your parish envelopes so they could be sent to us? We really need your contributions here; we need them to pay our huge bills. Remember; even though our school is closed, we still pay bills on it because; it is still being used. We are also still paying the outstanding teachers’ and staff pensions. Our church is magnificent; it takes a lot of money to keep its doors open. Our Rectory is a beautiful edifice; it houses the parish office, where every parish business happens. It takes a lot of bills to keep the parish office running. Or do we have to talk about the funding of our elevator project? Please we need anything you could give to keep this lovely parish up and running. May I sincerely remind our vacationing/snowbird parishioners that the smallest parish in Florida for instance, is richer than our parish here! They have more than we do. Help your struggling home parish. Send your envelopes to her. Please think about this, and consider sending us your envelopes.

Thank you!

Father Innocent



       Please call St Joseph's Rectory at 

       (716) 532-5100 for information.